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  1. Drinking For The Family
  2. A Crcus Owner and Two New Lion Tamers
  3. The DEA The Farmer And The Badge
  4. A Mime In The Zoo
  5. The Gyno Turned Mechanic
  6. A Little Girl Walks Into a Pet Shop...
  7. The Weird Traffic Jam
  8. Why kids are seen eatting a popsicle on their porch balcony on a Sunday afternoon
  9. What state mottos should be
  10. Counter proverbs
  11. Man VS Machine
  12. A Sudden Malfunction
  13. One Good Deed
  14. The New Parrot
  15. 7-day, 50 lb. Weight Loss Program
  16. A Great Conversation
  17. The Duck Hunter And The Physician
  18. The Firefighting Hero
  19. The Most Social Person in the World
  20. The Researcher The General And The Question
  21. If the person who named Walkie Talkies named everything
  22. How to handle naughty children at Christmas Time
  23. The arab dog vs. The israeli dog
  24. The Special Conditions
  25. A Closeted Conundrum
  26. A Wisconsin Poem about Winter
  27. How Many Freezers Does Someone From Wisconsin Have?
  28. Three Dogs Walking Down The Street
  29. Laboratory Rabbit
  30. Two Minute Management Course
  31. A Student Seated Next To His Teacher
  32. Definitions
  33. Did They All Live Happily Ever After
  34. Cowboy Having Coffee At Starbucks
  35. There's Sumthin wrong with the outhouse
  36. Two Old Men at the Bar
  37. Dean Welcoming Students To College
  38. Middle Aged Lady Going To The Hospital
  39. Fish Jokes
  40. A Letter Addressed to God
  41. Two Elderly People In A Trailer Park
  42. A College Student Writing To His Dad
  43. A Christian Lady On A Business Trip
  44. A Blind Pilot Is Flying This Plane?
  45. What am I supposed to do with this?
  46. 50 Years Together Is A Long Time
  47. Mr Steinberg Is A Really Naughty Old Man
  48. Doctors Meeting
  49. Back in the time of the Samurai...
  50. You Can Tell Its Sunday On This Street
  51. Oxymorons
  52. A Little Old Lady Screaming
  53. Their Obsession
  54. How To Deal With Telemarketers
  55. The Banker Meeting His Old Rancher Pal
  56. Two Priests Go To Hawaii
  57. British Humor Can Be A Bit Different
  58. The European Union commissioners have announced...
  59. You just can't win, and here are the reasons why
  60. Vocabulary
  61. Fig Leaf Found
  62. A Woman Being Offered Some Wine
  63. An Adventure On Safari
  64. A Man And An Ostrich
  65. These Poor Teachers Have Had Enough
  66. Weird Temperatures
  67. Pork at a July 4th Picnic
  68. A farmer named Clyde had a car accident
  69. An Act Of Kindness
  70. If Noah Built an Ark in 2018
  71. God's Wit Is Astounding
  72. This OBGYN Has A Good Sense Of Humor
  73. The Congregation And The Big Donation
  74. Abe and Esther are flying to Australia
  75. A Perfect Excuse
  76. Beer Festival
  77. At The Confession Booth
  78. Love vs Marriage
  79. Email Account Set Up
  80. New Priest
  81. At The Racing Track
  82. A drunk man who smelled like booze...
  83. You Know It's Time To Diet When....
  84. This Man's Tax Return Form Is Sent Back
  85. At A Murder Trial In Oklahoma
  86. A Grandma And Her Birth Control Pills
  87. A Bunny Story
  88. New Dog Breeds
  89. Living will
  90. Approval of the Family
  91. An Unexpected Prescription
  92. Combat for Dummies
  93. Men should make the coffee
  94. Confused about The Meaning of Service?
  95. Joey Had An Interesting Day At Sunday School
  96. The Secret To A Happy Marriage
  97. A sadist, a masochist, a zoophile, a necrophile, a pyro, and a murderer are bored
  98. This Is Why I Stopped Attending, Rabbi
  99. Not Today, Honey
  100. This Dad Gets A Real Shock
  101. Both Sides Of The Law
  102. A Grandma With Dirt On Everyone
  103. Two Old Men Visit A Cat-House
  104. A woman awakes during the nigh
  105. An Air Canada plane leaves...
  106. This Atheist Crosses Paths With A Bear
  107. A Man And A Mysteriously-Moving Car
  108. Blonde men
  109. This Is One Party He'll Be Glad Not To Have Attended
  110. A conversation before marriage
  111. Two Completely Different Perspectives
  112. The High Price Of Silence
  113. Things women want to hear, but never do
  114. Pay Attention In Confession
  115. he Right Approach To A Peaceful Marital Bed
  116. Mixed Messages Watch the Spell Check or Auto Check
  117. The Blonde Gambler
  118. Now, There's One Way to Make Someone Feel Better
  119. The Right Equipment
  120. There's A New Bull In Town
  121. Murphy's Laws Of Work
  122. The Statues That Came To Life
  123. Just a thought
  124. Off to Vegas
  125. A Baby Camel And His Mom Have A Discussion
  126. The owner and head of sales of a large furniture store arrived in Paris
  127. Is My New Dentist My Old High School Crush?
  128. Nuns Discussing Drinks
  129. 3 Men Confide About Their Wedding Nights
  130. Checking Employment Conditions At A Montana Ranch
  131. Career Choices
  132. Father/Son
  133. All the organs of the body were having a meeting
  134. A Preacher Finds A Jackass In His Church Yard
  135. If You're Heading Outdoors, Wear A Bell Please
  136. Can The Blonde Save The Day?
  137. The Old Tired-Looking Dog Seeks Refuge Next Door
  138. Breathalyzer
  139. No, I just lay there
  140. Mississippi
  141. Two black eyes
  142. Brick wall
  143. A man walks into a bar
  144. Dear Employees...
  145. A Guide to U.S. Newspapers
  146. Google's pizza
  147. Costco doctor
  148. Volunteer fire department
  149. It's Wise To Listen To Directions
  150. Farmer John and his chickens
  151. WalMart Employment Questionnaire
  152. The Young Priest Has Some Clever Ideas
  153. Using Cold Water to Clean The Dishes
  154. The Wife That Wants To Be Six Again
  155. Gold And Platinum Buys You Corvettes, But What Buys Both?
  156. bungee-jumping
  157. A guy walks into a bar with his pet monkey.
  158. Alligator shoes
  159. This ain't my wife
  160. There is nothing wrong with you
  161. Poor Old fool
  162. Hints on when you can tell it is not going to be a good day:
  163. Uncle George
  164. State Capitals
  165. In Labor
  166. Roping
  167. Even the Pastor Needs to Make Exceptions...
  168. Mr. Schwartz
  169. The Psychiatrist And The Angry Girlfriend
  170. Top 45 Oxymorons
  171. Sir, Your Promiscuity Has Come Back To Haunt You
  172. I hear someone coming
  173. 51 Days
  174. Therapist
  175. Get in line
  176. Farm Accident
  177. Barter
  178. Lonely Heart's Ad
  179. A Man Covers for His Friend, But Does He Know Why?
  180. The Married Man And The Cabbie
  181. How old do you think I am
  182. Scottish Castaway Meets Sexy Blonde Diver
  183. When A Spot Of Generosity Goes Unappreciated
  184. Second opinion
  185. A Remembrance Service For The Farm Dog
  186. Frances
  187. Faucet
  188. Logic
  189. 99
  190. Illinois
  191. Chops wood
  192. Shot the dog
  193. Report card
  194. Your sister
  195. To be 8 again
  196. Pestacide
  197. Go to town…
  198. Why Didn't You Avail Yourself, Sir?
  199. The Chinese Doctor & The Lawyer
  200. Seeing A Therapist Together
  201. The Happy Hangover
  202. Mommy, Why Don't Airplanes Have Babies?
  203. Sometimes, People Take Things Too Literally
  204. Paint My Porch
  205. In Heat
  206. The Lion
  207. The Pink Envelope
  208. Popsicle
  209. A Bad Influence
  210. Advantages Of Being A Woman
  211. 15 Crazy Things to Do While Shopping
  212. Man Of The House
  213. The Stork Family
  214. Your Barracks Door Is Open
  215. Recipe For The Perfect Marriage
  216. Spelling
  217. Couple On Their Way To Be Married
  218. Police Officer On Trial
  219. Disneyland
  220. Twins
  221. logo
  222. I am Just Fred
  223. 24 Hours to Live
  224. You should have!
  225. Coyote
  226. I've got bad news for you
  227. Blind guy
  228. A Theory of Happiness
  229. Wedding Night
  230. The Frog
  231. Because i forgot
  232. Almost got caught
  233. Golfing
  234. Helicopter Ride
  235. Couple At the State Fair
  236. The Young Doctor
  237. He Said She Said
  238. Randy The Rooster
  239. The Two Golfers
  240. The last will
  241. Bosses Versus Workers
  242. The Painless Dentist
  243. I Can Guess How Many
  244. Punctuality
  245. Efficient Waiter
  246. Mommy is it because I’m blonde?
  247. Getting to Know Each Other
  248. Too hot to wear clothes today
  249. An Englishman is having breakfast, in Paris
  250. Expensive Barbie