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    Default Free Green Dot Pacifier Sample

    Directions for use:

    Use Green Dot Pacifier with color-change dot like any regular pacifier.
    If baby has a fever of at least 100�F/37.8�C, the green dot changes from green to black in approximately 7-8 minutes. At higher temperatures, the color change occurs more rapidly.
    Drinking hot or cold fluids immediately before use may affect reading.
    Green Dot Pacifier is a monitor of oral temperature only. If fever is indicated, take temperature with a rectal thermometer. Rectal temperature may vary from oral temperature by 1.0�F/0.6�C or more. If feverish condition persists, notify physician.
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    Thank you for sending your comments. We will reply to your inquiry via email shortly...

    I put consumer for organization and 5555555555 for phone number both are required

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