Would you like to know - How to get free dog food samples & coupons? Admit it, you would wouldn’t you? Finding the right dog food is usually a result of trial and error. But trial and error usually does not come free. Or does it? OK, I’m going to tell you how – as well as show you how you can actually get more free dog food from a variety of quality pet food firms.

How to Get Free Dog Food Samples & Coupons

Here are ways to get dog food samples that won't cost you a cent:

1. Go to your local pet store. Pet stores often give away samples to promote their products. Often times there is a representative from a company set up at a table inside or in front of the store. They will usually let you try one of each variety that they offer. You can usually find natural and holistic brands as well as major commercial brands.

2. Check with your vet. To promote their products, dog food manufacturers often supply veterinarians with samples. It might be a food your vet already sells or one that the company wants to introduce to dog owners--and what better place to target them than at a vet's office? Some vets will have the samples out on the counter or elsewhere in the lobby; other vets will give you some to take home and with others, you may just have to ask.

3. How to get free dog food samples & coupons : Google "free pet food samples" or "free dog food samples" and see what comes up! Even better, use the dogpile.com search engine; each time you do, you will help the ASPCA rescue pets. You can also make it your homepage if you like.

4. Visit the websites of major dog food manufacturers such as Purina and Pedigree. They often provide links to free samples of new products and are happy to send you some. You may just have to answer a few questions about your dog (a small price to pay). Pedigree even has a program that supplies you with free food for a month if you adopt a dog from a shelter.

5. Look at the special section of our forum - Pet Freebies

How to Get Free Dog Food Samples & Coupons in Conclusion

In fact, I was recently sent a 15kg bag of trial food from a – relatively – new company and, I have to say, the change in one of my dogs has been so monumental she literally appears and acts as if she was 2-years younger.

Short Tips: How to Get Free Dog Food Samples & Coupons

1. Samples are good to have on hand for stray animals. If you end up settling on a different brand for your pet, you can feed some hungry pets instead of wasting it.
2. Stick to one food when you figure out which is most suitable for your dog's health, age and activity level, and of course, one that your dog enjoys. It's not recommended that you change foods often.

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