Question: How to get free phone cards ?

Answer: Phone calls cost money, but you can defray some of the costs. It is also possible to get completely free calling cards to use to help pay for your long distance. Read on to find out how to get these free phone cards.

How to Get Free Phone Cards Short Tips

Tip #1: Join a service such as to get a free phone card just for signing up. You can also get many additional opportunities to use your free cards. Its advertisers pay them for these calls.

Tip #2: Get a complimentary ten minute free phone card from just for signing up and checking out its plan.

Tip #3 - How to Get Free Phone Cards: Receive a free phone card for referring your friends on NobelCom. The more people you refer, the more free minutes you can receive.

Tip #4: Obtain a free phone card when you buy a phone card at many of the sites that offer prepaid phone cards for sale. Many of these offers are a buy one get one free so you can get many minutes on your free phone card.

Tip #5 How to Get Free Phone Cards: Ask your phone provider if it has any promotions involving free phone cards, and find out what you have to do to earn them.

Tip #6: Request a free phone card to make up for any service issue that may have come up such as a phone outage or a challenging customer service issue. Advise that you would prefer to receive free phone cards instead of a credit on your bill.

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