Make story time magical with Moonlite, the storybook projector from Spin Master!

Using the flashlight on your smartphone, Moonlite is easy-to-use and clips-on to your device to project vibrant illustrations from classic storybook favorites onto any surface. Choose from an array of children's story classics and watch as the illustrations appear! Using the Moonlite app, you and your little one can easily follow along with each story's text to enjoy a captivating storytime experience.

We're giving US families the chance to test and review one of these Moonlite gift sets:

Moonlite Starter Pack - Junior (2 stories; for ages 1-4)
Moonlite Starter Pack - Intermediate (2 stories; for ages 3-7)
Moonlite Gift Pack - Disney (5 stories; for ages 1-7)

Click the button below to apply by January 1, 2019 for your chance to be one of our advocates: